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7 Second Blackbelt™ is a program designed to help you become a Certified Trained Observer “(CTO)”. The CTO course of study focuses on building the skill and capacity for people to detect criminal behavior before it occurs. The fundamental premise for the course is that most crime is preventable when people are proactive about observation.

CTO reinforces existing cognitive skills and enhances ones ability to detect potentially dangerous situations.  An emphasis has been placed on the most vulnerable members of our community such as women, children and the elderly.

Students complete a series of modules that include, viewing multiple surveillance videos of actual violent crimes, viewing candid video of human behavior, listening to real 911 calls and reviewing multiple criminal case studies.


CTO is a very comprehensive hands-on training course that has applicability to people from all walks of life.  Unique in its design, it does not focus on fear, rather awareness and human behavior. 

CTO teaches that individuals can actually thrive in potentially dangerous situations.  This training is a confidence builder and actually lowers stress for those have been previous victims of crime.

ABOUT: sergeant christopher curtis (ret.)

Chris “aka” Sarge is a New York City native.  After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was selected as the Honor Graduate of his platoon.  Christopher conducted multiple operations in several countries in the Mediterranean.  

He subsequently attended MCESG Quantico, Virginia where he graduated with honors and went on to serve tours at U.S. Embassies- Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Caracas, Venezuela, and Asunción, Paraguay. After his honorable discharge he joined the ranks of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.   

Chris excelled quickly and worked in many sections of the police force.  His 20 year career highlights include five years as a Hostage Negotiator, his Lifesavings Awards and as a finalist for National Officer of the Year 2013.  Sergeant Curtis has been a featured speaker at the Downtown Project Speaker Series and frequently appears on the COPS TV show. Mr. Curtis is a Law Enforcement subject matter expert and frequent featured guest on the National Geographic hit television show “Brain Games”.  Curtis is a two time published author, a participant in the U.S. Department of State Expert Speaker program, a certified fitness trainer and creator of lovejitsu- the study of the relationship between love and the discipline of ju-jitsu.

He is also the creator the “7 Second Blackbelt” an incredibly comprehensive course of study that teaches the student to become a trained observer. 

Mr. Curtis has been involved in hundreds of critical incidents and shares his experience through his course.


“Sergeant Curtis’ intuition is different than yours and mine!”

—National Geographic Channel

“This book contains exactly the type of scenarios that I use to train new officers. It is incredibly effective and Chris is the best to present it.”

—Officer J. Rivera
Field Training Officer, Las Vegas Metro PD

“As a DEA Agent, I have to be prepared to handle any type of situation that comes my way. Sergeant Curtis’ 7 Second Blackbelt scenarios mirror the type of training I role-play in my mind everyday.”

—Special Agent F. Contreras
Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA

“When I was attacked, I had no idea that something like this would ever happen to me. If I had a book like this back then, I could have had a plan. Sergeant Curtis has given me so much confidence with his training.

—Evelyn S.

“As a husband and father, there is no worse nightmare I can imagine than someone harming my wife or son. While I can't protect them every minute of every day, this book gave me the tools I needed to help prepare my family.

—Isaac N.

“I have trained and operated worldwide. Of all the deadly force situations I have been involved in, I have learned one thing. Train. Sergeant Curtis knows his stuff.”

—Salvatore Mascoli
Police Officer Trainer and World Renowned Martial Artist 

“Your training was fantastic and ideally suited to the audience.”

—U.S. State Department Expert Speaker Program Rep.


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